Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs

Below you will find some of the best affiliate programs with the descriptions of their payouts!  Like everything you will find on the internet about making money online, THIS IS NOT A GET QUICK RICH SCHEME.  You will get what you put into it.  Time is money and the more more time you invest the more money you stand to make off these programs!

The best thing is that it is FREE to join these programs. You DO NOT have to invest money.  The only exception is if you use ad services.  But you only have to invest IF  you want to put out ads.

Here are the Affiliate Programs I currently advertise with:

 Click here to the CB affiliate program

This is one of the biggest cam sites around!

Lifetime Rev-Share
20% on all referred members token purchases for the life of the referred account!

Referred Broadcasters
$50.00 dollars per referred broadcaster!

5% rev-share on referred affiliates to the CB affiliate program!

$1.00 per free sign up.

Join the Chaturbate Affiliate program TODAY!

Chaturbate Affiliates


A new comer but VERY good cam site! I love them!

20% on referred members token purchases for the life of the account!

80$ PPS

Pay per lead (pay on varified)
$1.50 opt in lead

Model Referral (Validated Model Sign up)

Webmaster Referral (Validated Webmaster)

Camsoda is by invitation only so it would benefit you to use my link!



This is another big cam site!
This is the company that handles MyFreeCams affiliate program!

The MFC affiliate program:


They have recently stopped offering the MFC REV-SHARE program. Which is a bummer because they converted VERY WELL!  Now the only thing they support is Pay Per Lead (PPL)
Which is 2.50 (US dollars) per Tier 1 leads.

They have other programs you cam promote, REV SHARE or NON REV SHARE (PPL, PPS) Dating.  The good thing about this program is that no matter what you promote, they have pop unders.  What this means is that they try to squeeze out as much as they can from whatever you promote.  This is so worth it because I have made money off promoting cam girls but they opted for their other promo offers and I made money of of that! TRY IT!




Cam with her is managed by SNR CASH ---  The graphic pretty much explains your earnings potential!



The ifriends network is handled by ClickCash

The payout program pays as much as:

$200 per signup
35% Rev-Share
$55 Per FREE sign up
$1 per email sign up! 

You also get a $50 dollar sign up bonus!



Livejasmine is managed by AWEmpire. You can earn anywhere from 40-60% of Rev-Share!

Click HERE for more information!


This next program is also very good! The camster network also manages the white label! Different site, same models!

PPS program:
Pays a minimum of $75.00 per sign up!

30% revenue share for live generated by members you refer!

(click on the camster logo on the webpage then scroll down to where it says affiliate program!)

Join the FreeCamDollars network TODAY!

Camster Affiliates


This next one is the Streammate Affiliate Program!

They have a pay per qualified sign up.  You can ear $40.00 per sign up!

Their rev share program pays 30% for the life of the referrers account!  They more they spend, the more you make!

Sign up to the Streammate affiliate program though MoneyTree TODAY!


FreeWebCamCash manages the following sites:

This program ONLY pays $45 dollars per qualified sign up. No rev-share. But hey just like they say, Don't stick all your eggs in one basket! Diversify!

Click below to sign up TODAY! (remember, scroll down to where it says "Affiliates)


This next one is awesome.  This is where a lot of cam girls post their home made sex videos for sale! 

5% on custom video sales for the life of the referred members account!  It's not much but it's still a great program!


Sign up for Kinky Cash TODAY!

(Scroll to the bottom where it says 'webmasters')

 The following is where you will pay for your traffic.  And unless you know how to do this or you are already making some money the free way (via social media)  you can use this scale your sales up!  Proceed with caution because this costs some money! STUDY this before you jump into it!

Paid ads

With exotic ads if you know how to buy traffic you could be setting this up and let it run on it's own and you could be making some money while you sleep!  Be careful though because with this type of bough advertisement you are paying a certain amount per click!


If you refer people to join this, if buying traffic is what they want, you stand to make 3% of what they spend for traffic the life of their account!

Click below to join TODAY!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Best Popunder Adnetwork Popads

With this network you buy traffic in the form of popups or popunders.  Set your campaings, select your niche and watch the traffic arrive to your chosen affiliate network!

Rev share

Refer people to this network and you could earn 10% commision of what they spend on ads.


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