July 19, 2024

Making Money With OnlyFans

For models and content creators, adult theme or non adult theme this is another site that allows you to make money from your content creation, OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is not limited to adult themes, although many adult content creators use it. If you have a strong following on social media you can use this platform for paid content.

For example, if you are into fitness and you post on twitter, instagram or facebook, you can post teaser posts on those platforms and direct them to your paid content on OnlyFans like specific workouts and diet meal recipes.

Watch the following short video for an estimation of how much you could make:

Now just like everything, you could make more money or less money but with enough hard work you could bring in a sizable income and earn a living off of this.

Real World Example

This is Alva Jay

These are her social media links:

She started as a makeup artist back in the day on youtube. She is no longer active on youtube even though her channel still exists. She realized that she wasn't making much money on youtube. Through suggestions from her male fan base asking her to pose nude, she decided to give it a shot and now through this platform and FanCentro she's making a decent living being her own boss. Now you don't have to post nude content on OnlyFans. This is what works for her.

How much can I charge fans?

This all depends on you and your fanbase and how you market yourself. If you already have a strong fanbase on any platform figure out what makes your audience tick and exploit that. For instance, Alva Jay exploits her beauty and body. And I don't mean exploit in a negative way. She brings value to her fans with her body and her fans are happy paying to see her at her sexiest. And she has fun doing it. Here are some comments from her fan base:

Satisfied fans willing to pay good money for digital content

If you're on twitter, instagram and facebook you know what the time line feed looks like. With OnlyFans the timeline resembles twitter but all of your content is blocked unless the fan is a subscriber. Then you make money off each subscriber every month when their subscription renews. And the more subscribers you pick up the more money you make each month! How great is that?

Here is a screen shot of AlvaJays OnlyFans:

As you can see she charges 15.00 US dollars per month. How much she keeps is in the details when you make an account and set your price. But all you have to do gain new fans and keep old ones paying is to make GREAT content and engage with your fans. And like I said before if already have a following on other social media platforms than you're ahead of the game! Now you can turn those fans into paying fans by offering content you don't offer on your social media platforms!

Real World Earning Example

AlvaJay recently posted her earnings as of October 2019. Here is the screenshot:

That's pretty good for digital content.

She has no boss. She doesn't do any physical labor. And she has fun interacting with fans while providing material that her fans are willing to pay for. Her fans are happy and she's happy. It's a perfect match! Combine with her FanCentro account one could assume that her income is double what you see in the screenshot above.

Are you ready to take the leap? Are you willing to convert your social media following into paid followers? It doesn't cost anything to sign up and join and give it a try. I believe that the reward is totally worth it. You only have everything to gain!

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