November 30, 2023

Chaturbate Affiliate Program

The program I will talk about today is a program producing enormous payouts to all of their affiliates! But you must be comfortable with the subject matter at hand. This will involve nudity. But if you can get past that you will be earning hefty commissions.

The program is called Chaturbate. This is a website where cam models live stream in the nude for tokens and sometimes for free. Basically you get a new user to sign up under your affiliate link and you get a commission based on what they spend in tokens if you pick Rev-Share.

Payment Structure

Chaturbate has three payment structures. They are as follows.

PPS: Pay Per Sign up.
For every user that sign ups for your link and verifies their e-mail address you get one dollar.

20% Rev Share
For every user that signs up under your affiliate link you get 20% of their token purchase for the life of that persons account. What this means is that you can make a lot of money off one person as long as he keep buying tokens!

10 Tokens per sign.
For every user that sign up under this link you get 10 tokens. You get to spend them on the models. This is totally not worth it in my opinion. You are better off catching a user that spends a lot of money though rev-share. This way you can use the cash any way you like.

How often do they pay

Chaturbate pays every two weeks. The minimum payout amount is 50 dollars. This means you have to reach 50 dollars by the end of two weeks before you get paid. Chaturbate offers Direct Deposit. This is the fastest way to get your money.

The sign up process

It's easy to sign up and it only takes less than five minutes. Once you sign up you will have access to the affiliate links. You will also have access to promotional material like banners and cam embeds where if you have a website you can put a cam room on a blog page! It's pretty cool if you ask me! This service pretty much sells itself. You have the ability to pick a niche. Females, Males, Couples and Trans. You can also use the affiliate links by topic hashtags! Chaturbate has been implementing various new tools for affiliates.

Model Referral Commissions

The Chaturbate affiliate program also pays you to refer new model to the platform. They have two payment structures. If you use the 20% Rev Share links or the $1.00 per user link you will get 50 dollars one time commission for every model that signs up. They have to earn 100 dollars before they pay you the 50 dollars.

If you use the 10 tokens per user link to refer models, you will get 500 tokens per model. I don't recommend this simply because they aren't paying you with money but with tokens to use for their service but if you like to have fun tipping models then hey, why the hell not? right?

How do I promote this cam service?

There are many ways to promote the service. You can use the many social networks to promote the cam models to get users to sign up. The best service to promote is twitter as they allow nudity. The worst services are facebook, instagram as they do not allow nudity or affiliate links. It can be done but you have to create landing pages and make it seem like you're not promoting anything. Tumblr used to allow nudity. If you want to start promoting there you have to get creative with your photos that you post. As far as written copy to promote the sky is the limit with text, unike twitter which only allows up to 240 characters. You can also pay to advertise on adult advertisers. If you get good at buying ads you could make a killing. But to start off I would totally suggest the free methods first before you start investing.

I would totally recommend twitter to start off because of how flexible they are with adult content. Just keep in mind that there are hundres of thousands of promoters on twitter promoting cam services all trying to make money. Get creative and stand out when you send out promotion tweets. All it will take is your first sale to know that this is real and you will be hooked on finding ways to promote and make even more money!

So how do I sign up?

The following are screenshot of how easy the process of signing up is. Even if you see this and never promote, sign up anyways so you can get a look at what's available. You have nothing to lose. It's FREE to sign up for the affiliate program.

The Chaturbate affiliate join screen

This page will tell you about the payouts in the affiliate program. Click on the “Join affiliate program now” orange button.

This is the sign up screen.

On the sign up just enter your details like your name and date of birth. Pick a handle as well. Then you will be all set and ready to promote and start making money. When they say sex sells, it truly does! You'll be amazed how putting your promos in front of the right person can net you commissions for months to come! To a point where you can take days off from promoting and you still make money! Even while you sleep!

Are you ready to take the next big step? The only way you will succeed is if you take action. At first it wont be easy and it could probably take a few weeks or a few months for a sign up and to make a commission. But the moment you get your first sale, you will be so motivated! You'll be wondering how the hell you didn't know about this sooner!

If you're ready to take action:

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