November 30, 2023

CrakRevenue Affiliate Marketplace

This next program is another adult affiliate program. What makes this service so great is the fact that this is a marketplace for many different programs. The program is CrakRevenue! I have been promoting with them for many years and I can tell you they are my favorite.

The reason why this program is top notch is because they offer many different programs to promote. Think of it almost like ClickBank for Adults. Here is an example of offers you can promote:

  • Cams
  • Dating
  • ED Pills
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Games
  • Surveys

And so much more! With CrakRevenue you're not limited to just one offer. Some people do good with cam offers (like me) and some people do well with dating offers. It will all depend on where you interest is and what your knowledge level of a particular program.

Promotional Tools

All offers have promotional tools. They have banner ads. They have links and you're allowed to modify trackers. The banners can be used on your website or you can pay for ads with them. Upon signing up and being accepted to the program you will be able to explore each offer and their promotional tools.

How much do they pay

The pay varies on the type of offer. They have rev share, PPS, DOI, and many more. When you sign up you'll see all they have to offer. They work with tons of adult companies! Many programs have different payout structures. For example you have MyFreeCams that offers the following pay structures:

Make money promoting myfreecams!
Chose the right payment structure for your traffic.

For definitions on payment structures and acronym definitions click HERE. Definitions updated often.

How often do they pay and how

CrakRevenue offers all kinds of payment options. The most popular one is Direct Deposit. You can change your minimum payment. They pay Net 30, Net 15 and Net 7. Meaning monthly, bi weekly and Weekly. By default they pay Net 30. Based on how much you make you can change you payment date by talking to your affiliate managers.

What else do I have access to?

You have access to some tools that will benefit you if you have an adult website or blog.

The CrakRevenue dashboard with tools to help you make money!
Part of your dashboard.


The smart link is a link you use that will be optimized based on the location of your user. You can pick from any categories Dating, Cams, etc. When you're user clicks the best offer will open up for your user based on location and device to maximize your profit potential.

MyFreeCams and Live Cam Widget

Both of these links are the same. If you have a website or a blog you can make a customized cam widget that will display live cam models on ad space in your website. When a user clicks on it, signs up and spends money you get a percentage of what they spend.

Survey Machine

You get to make a personalized survey that works with your website. At the end of the survey they are greeted by special offers from CrakRevenue. If they sign up you make money!

Native Ads Generator

Based on offers you pick, you will create ads that blend in with your adult site. They can be places on any website or WP sites in your widgets section.


This section in my opinion is the hardest to achieve. Basically you recruit people to join the program and the money they make you get a 5% cut. Now 5% isn't much but if you get a lot of people to sign up for the program and they become kick ass affiliates and make a lot of money 5% will add up. I'm not saying it's impossible but good luck! If you get enough people you can pretty much just chill and let other people do the work for you!


In my opinion MyFreeCams (MFC) is the best program they have. Some other cam programs pay 65% but the only one I've had good luck with is MFC. This cam affiliate programs converts very well! I would start off with this one for some good motivation . They have the most beautiful and horny women that entice their users to spend lots of money on them. The more money they spend the more money you make!

Remember simply reading about it isn't going to help you much. You must take action! And you start by signing up. It costs ZERO dollars to sign up so even if you decide not to do this at least you get to see the offers. When I started with this program I didn't make money for at least two months. I would ask myself why I was wasting my time. Then one day I got my first sale commission. At the end the day I knew this was REAL!

Here is a screenshot of my yearly earning from 2016 to current (Jan 2020)

You can see as the years progressed and I learned more how my earnings increased!

So don't wait any longer. The more you wait the less you make. Are you ready to take that next step? Change your financial future TODAY!

Sign up FREE!

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