November 30, 2023

Affiliate Markting

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate Marketing is when you sell other peoples products for a percentage of the sale. Sound neat right? All you have to do is affiliate yourself with a company and sell their products, online or offline.

Your reward is a percentage of the sale as commission. And if you get good at it you can make a living decent living. This means that you can quit your job! You could be your own boss. But here is something that only the strong survive. It's NOT easy. You will get better with practice, study and constant work. This is where people fall off the train and quit. But to those that are persistent and those with experience know how much the hard work is worth it in the beginning.


Affiliate Marketing as defined by the dictionary is: “a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Programs within Affiliate Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click: is when you place ads on your website and you get paid every tie someone clicks on the links within your site. Sometimes it's pennies per click but if you manage to get many visitors the money adds up.

PPS or Pay Per Sale: Is when the affiliate company pays you a set price or a percentage of the sale to you, the affiliate making sales.

DOI or Double Opt In: Is when the affiliate company pays your a set commission when a person completes an action. For instance, when a person signs up for a program but has to verify an email address, or an action designated by the affiliate company.

SOI or Single Opt In: Is when the affiliate company pays you a set commission when a person completes and action. In this case, the user only has to submit and email address.

Revenue Share: Is a program set by the affiliate company to pay you re-occurring commissions from subscriptions sales. For instance you have a program that has a 100 dollar monthly subscription and the company pays you 20% of every subscription sale. So every time the customer that you referred pays his monthly subscription you get paid 20 dollars. This in my opinion is the best program to promote because for every customer you get, they pay you every month until they cancel. These commissions add up. It might take longer to acquire such customers but they make you money for the long term. Some programs pay higher commission percentages!

There are many different types of programs but they all require to you sell a product. But the money you make is well worth the effort!

How do you sell?

There are many ways to sell these products. First you need to find your niche. Then you need to research where the people that would buy your product hang out, on the internet or in the real world. Also, you can pay for internet ads like good or yahoo. And if you want to take the FREE route, you can use social networks like tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram, tik tok as an example. You can also start a website and post ads and write article promoting a product.

In the articles to follow I will be reviewing affiliate programs that you can join to start your journey to make money online. There will be programs where you can sell other peoples products and programs where content creators can sell their own products or digital content. There are hundreds of thousands of people right now making money from these methods. Why not you? But keep in mind that they put in a lot of hours so they are ahead. Don't be discouraged! All it takes is for you to get that first sale and then it becomes addicting. Rinse and Repeat!

If it works for them it will definitely work for you. You just have to put in the initial work to learn and apply. After that just like anything in life you get better and you earn more!

Readers, are you an affiliate marketer? Are you thinking about starting? Are you still learning? What are your opinions? If you have not started what are your reservations? Have you tried and failed? Have you tried, failed, learned and succeeded? Inquiring minds want to know. Tell your story!

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